Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ragini Khanna in Sasural Genda Fool | Pics and Wallpapers

 Popular TV serial " Sasural genda fool" is Hindi version of a bengali tv serial " Ogo Bodho Sundari" . Ogo Bodho Sundari was created by Mitali Bhattacharya. Mitali is now directed Sasural genda fool with her assistant Jama Hajeeb. The lead actress Ragini Khanna was selected after taking auditions of 100 girls.

Sasural Genda Fool famed Ragini Khanna

Ragini is sweet, naughty, beautiful. Ragini Khanna has gained popularity in Sasural genda fool because of her spontaneous acting and natural sense of camera presence. Ragini Khanna also appeared in Bollywood movie Teen They Bhai.
Ragini Khanna | She is going to blast Bollywood too

Ragini Khanna | Beautiful and talented TV actress

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